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Our Range of HSE Compliance Services...

From everyday compliance & support to audits, assessments & inspections...

We provide a comprehensive range of health, safety and environmental services to employers in order to reduce risk, improve safety and wellbeing for employees and to ensure that your organisation is legally compliant.

Health & Safety Policies
  • Written and published policies tailored to the individual client’s requirements. A legal document for companies employing 5 or more people.

Workplace Risk Assessments
  • Assessments written specific to the location, activities and people involved in compliance with the management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations.

Employee Risk Assessments
  • For your employees we will work with you to establish assessments relevant to their job description and activities they are required to perform.

  • Relevant to all persons using computer workstations in compliance with 1992 Regulations and an assessment in a published report.

  • Where COSHH regulated substances are used or stored we can write the relevant assessments including the occupational health expectations and environmental controls.

  • A thorough examination of your workplace including observing and interviewing staff plus an inspection of documents resulting in a detailed report presented to senior management.

& Incident Investigations
  • A detailed investigation where a comprehensive investigation will be undertaken resulting in a published report presented to the relevant business management team.

  • Fire safety Audits & Inspections.
    Fire Risk Assessments.
    Installation & maintenance of fire safety systems.
    Fire safety training.
    Extinguisher servicing.

Safety & Environmental Inspections
  • Inspections of specific activities and areas of the workplace published in a clear report and action plan.

  • We can provide access to competent and audited PAT testing and electrical services contractors on request.

PQQ & Tender Assistance
  • Working with you to develop and assist in completing these often complicated and challenging applications.

  • Practical help and training given to develop method statements relevant to your company and activities.


  • Stage 1 – Documentation review.
  • Stage 2 – Verification interviews.
  • Stage 3 – Site/premises observation.
  • Stage 4 – Conclusions and Safety Action Plan.

The outcome of the audit process is a report containing the key findings, along with a Safety Action Plan, addressed to meet the needs of your business.


  • Documented Site inspections.
  • Principal Designer.
  • Site-specific risk assessments.
  • Site Manager support service.
  • Hazard identification.
  • Health and Safety file development.