Deadly Chargers And PAT Testing

Trading Standards has recently reported that unsafe electrical chargers are appearing on the market. These can include some chargers for phones, e-cigarettes and hand-held computers.

The problems with these unsafe chargers are:

  • Mains wiring in contact with low voltage circuitry, leaving users at risk of electric shock
  • Incorrect and unsafe conversion plugs, which are supplied with products, which can give a risk of electrocution through live pins when connecting adapters.

Also, there are reports that some chargers have exploded or burst into flames. Buying cheap products is a cause for concern. Be aware of this is your staff are charging devices at work.

PAT testing is the most recognised way of checking safety of electrical equipment at work.

When it comes to selling on an item of electrical equipment you must take responsible steps to ensure that it is safe. If not, and an accident is linked, you could be held liable. It might be advisable to PAT test the equipment before selling it on as you are meeting your general duty to supply in good condition. Also, if you purchase a second hand item it is good practice for you to have the item PAT tested before commencing it’s use.

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