Energy Saving Opportunities

To comply with the European Directive, the government is introducing Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) which is going to be introduced in 2015. This is the next tool in the government’s armoury to get businesses to take their energy use seriously. The scheme is currently being developed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to meet the EU Efficiency Directive.

Compliance with the scheme will be a legal requirement, however, it will only apply to businesses with more than 250 staff, sales of over £50 million a year and an annual balance sheet in excess of £43 million.

ESOS demands that an audit is completed which must:

  • Review the total energy use and relative energy intensity for buildings, industrial processes and transport
  • Identify the most significant energy consumption (up to 90%)
  • Identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations for taking action to reduce energy consumption
  • Report to the Environment Agency

The main objective is to help businesses see where savings can be made. The audit will cover:

  • The type of lighting used
  • How heating or cooling systems are managed
  • Level of insulation in the premises, and
  • How equipment and machinery is currently used

Assessments have to be carried out by an approved ESOS assessor and be suitably qualified and hold a certain level of professional expertise.

If ESOS applies to your business you will have until the 5 December 2015 to complete your audit and report the findings to the EA. This process has to be completed every 4 years after the initial audit.

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