Flood Action

Flood Action

The Environment Agency suggests there are

260,000 business units employing 3.2 million people which are located in flood areas.

As we are aware the EA is investing heavily in flood defences because of the effects of climate change.  Obviously, Cumbria is the evidence of how devastating these floods are.

A case highlighted in the EA’s Flood Action campaign identifies what can happen.  Greencore, which supplies many of the major supermarkets has also been hit by flooding.  More than one meter of water flowed through its premises making this unusable for months.  Fortunately Greencore could operate from another location, however, the impact of the flood was significant and resulted in a multi-million pound insurance claim.

EA figures identify that in 2013/14 3,200 commercial properties were flooded.

The EA can provide you with a map to see if your premise is at risk.  If you are at risk it would be best to nominate a member of staff to monitor the EA’s flood warnings and keep you ahead of flooding risk.

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