Green Progress

Many businesses have started producing annual reports detailing their progress on a range of environmental parameters eg. carbon emissions, recycling, waste generation, energy, water and using renewable energy.

However, in a number of instances more effort has been put into the presentation than the fact finding.  One study of 4000 reports found them littered with inaccurate data and gaps with one company stating that it had a carbon footprint four times bigger than that of the world itself.  Obviously you need to get your facts right otherwise somebody will shoot them down.

No one will want to rummage through a 50 page document on recycling, road miles and renewable energy and also printing the document is not exactly the greenest move.  Remember any documentation can be available digitally.  Keep things short and simple to progress recycling and energy use each year.   Always make sure you promote your company’s good side and highlight reductions in energy use and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

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