Injured Staff – Should You Allow Them Back?

If you have a member of staff off work with a injured ankle for a number of weeks, with no broken bones but badly bruised and swollen. Should you allow them to come back to work, if they asked?

Before allowing your member of staff back to work you need to advise them to seek medical opinion on whether it is safe to return. On their return to work the member of staff should present you with a ‘fit’ note that confirms that they are safe to work. This is due to the fact that the employee is still injured and the note may say they should not be considered fit to complete full duties, only light duties. You will then need to carry out a risk assessment for light duties.

Remember, make sure both parties are satisfied and insists the employee signs the documents to show you have not put them at risk. Also, you are not at any obligation to allow the employee back to work too early and only seemed safe to do so.

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