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One of the best ways for people to truly benefit from the services Hawksafe provides is through word-of-mouth. A positive word in someone’s ear can turn things around for a business, and ensure it has all the tools it needs to be compliant and certified to operate in a range of sectors, including construction.

If you have a positive word to say about us, you might like the sound of our Referral Scheme. It comes with benefits, so let’s explain why it’s worth joining today, and how we help customers with our services.

Referral Scheme Overview

At Hawksafe, we take pride in ensuring businesses are as compliant as possible in all matters concerning health and safety. We’re especially appreciative of customers who show how we made a real difference by referring us to other businesses along the way.

Our Referral Scheme allows you to refer us to another business, for which we can reward you with vouchers worth up to £400 each. It’s our little way of saying thank you for going the extra mile to help us in helping more businesses be compliant.

Sign up to join our Referral Scheme today, by filling in a simple form.

Our Compliance Services

Hawksafe is a provider of a range of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance services, all of which help ensure businesses can mitigate risks while protecting the health, safety and well-being of their workers. Listed below are just some of the services we can provide your business today:

  • Health & Safety Policies – Written, published documents which can be amended to suit your business’s requirements. Please note such documents are a legal requirement for business employing five or more people
  • HS&E Inspections – In-person inspections of your workplace, to help identify potential vulnerabilities and blind-spots, helping ensure your business is compliant
  • Workplace Risk Assessments – We can provide written assessments tailored to your business, its line of work and the people who work with you, ensuring all activities are carried out in compliance with the latest Health & Safety at Work Regulations

For an overview of all the services we provide, check out our full list of Health, Safety & Compliance Services.

Become a Member Today

As the last couple of years have shown, health and safety requirements have become increasingly important to uphold in the workplace, and especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is in everyone’s interests to remain compliant with such requirements.

By becoming a member today, you can enter 2022 with a greater sense of reassurance that your business is taking the right steps to minimise risk wherever it might be, and ensure you are all working to a high standard.

To show our dedication to helping businesses stay compliant and offer support in any way we can, here are some of our customers giving us their thoughts on the services we have provided over the years.

“Since we have been working with Hawksafe, they have always responded to any Health & Safety matters with a quick response and they have always been friendly when providing us with advice. We would recommend anyone to use Hawksafe as they have a wide of knowledge & expertise and they are always happy to help!”

Danielle Hoadley

Ops Manager, My Life


Hawksafe is dedicated to providing businesses with the access to the training, accreditation and other resources they may need to make sure they are ready to meet the challenges of not just today but tomorrow as well.

Become a Hawksafe member today, and benefit from a variety of benefits to meet your business needs for 2021 and beyond. By being a member, you can benefit from ongoing support and telephone advice, plus emergency call-outs if required.

Stay safe with Hawksafe.

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