Construction Project HS&E Management File


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  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Site Management Health & Safety file

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Once your company has been successfully appointed or finds itself in the position of having fallen into the role of Principal Contractor, your first thought may then be ‘what now?! With our Construction Project HS& E Management File template documentation, the questions that you need to be asking yourself, the actions, (both immediate and ongoing) that you should be undertaking and the thought process that you should be going through, are clearly outlined. Once completed, and on the basis that all outlined actions are continually undertaken throughout the end to end duration of the project, the majority of your H&S Project Management and Construction Phased Plan requirements will have been met.


It should be noted prior to purchase, that any documentation supplied by Hawksafe Ltd are sent in template format, which, in its original format would not necessarily always be considered sufficient to meet specific or individual Health, Safety or Environmental requirements.  The documentation supplied will need to be amended, updated and regularly reviewed by the purchaser in order to ensure that each document remains bespoke in its own right, fit for purpose in respect of each individual task being undertaken and to continually ensure that the content covers all potential and anticipated risks and hazards.

Any documentation forwarded and the information contained therein is confidential and is for the sole use of the intended recipient. This documentation must not be used, replicated, redistributed or used by any other individual or company under any circumstances without the prior written consent or expressed permission of Hawksafe Ltd.

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