Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance Services

From Everyday Compliance & Support To Audits, Assessments & Inspections

We provide a comprehensive range of Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) compliance services to businesses in order to reduce risk, improve safety and well being for employees and to ensure that your organisation is legally compliant

Hawksafe_H&S Policies

Health & Safety Policies

Written and published policies tailored to the individual client's requirements.  A legally required document for companies employing 5 or more people.

Hawksafe_Enviro Policies

Environmental Policies

Written and published policies tailored to the individual client's requirements

hawksafe_Retained Service

HS&E Support Membership

Providing "Access to Competent Health, Safety and Environmental Advice" 


Construction Client Support

Bespoke construction support to suit varied sizes and complexity of construction and civil engineering projects.  

Hawksafe_Workplace Risk Assessments

Workplace Risk Assessments

Assessments written specific to the location, activities and people involved in compliance with the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations.

Hawksafe_Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Audits & Inspections.
Fire Risk Assessments.
Fire Management and Strategy.

Hawksafe_COSHH Assessments

COSHH Assessments

Written Assessments for COSHH regulated substances including the Occupational Health Expectations and Environmental controls.

HAwksafe_DSE Assessments

DSE Assessments

Assessment of the risks created from the use of computers, laptops, tablets and other display screens whilst at work.

Hawksafe_HS&E Inspections

HS&E Inspections

Inspections of the workplace to identify shortfalls in legal compliance and best practice.

Hawksafe_PQQ Tender Support

PQQ & Tender Assistance

Working with you to develop and assist in completing these often complicated and challenging application processes.

Hawksafe_SSIP Accreditation Support

SSIP Accreditation Support

We can work with your business to help obtain your new or renewal SSIP Accreditation, saving you time and money in the process.

Hawksafe_HS&E Training

HS&E Training

Classroom and Online based training programs from accredited providers as well as bespoke courses developed to fulfil company requirements.  

Hawksafe_Accident & Incident Investigations

Accident & Incident Investigations

A detailed investigation where a comprehensive report of the investigation's findings will be published and presented to the relevant business management team. 

Hawksafe_HS&E Audits

HS&E Audits

A thorough examination of your workplace including observing and interviewing staff plus an inspection of documents resulting in a detailed company audit report presented to senior management.

Hawksafe_Method Statements

Method Statements

Practical help and training are given to develop method statements that are relevant to your company and business activities.


Newsletters & Legislative Updates

Monthly Health, Safety and Environmental newsletters detailing the latest legislative requirements and case studies.

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