Fire Blanket

Fire Fighting Equipment For Your Office Kitchen

All office kitchens need to be equipped with the appropriate fire fighting equipment. It is for your fire risk assessor to decide which extinguishers, if any, are needed. There is no law to install certain equipment.

A fire blanket, even for small rooms with minimal equipment should provide the necessary protection. Fire blankets work by smothering the flames and are an excellent option for putting a fire out on a hob or frying equipment. By keeping a fire blanket in an accessible place (but not too close to the potential fire source) is a good idea.

Always mount the fire blanket on a wall, as when it is pulled out by using the tabs, everything remains stable meaning that it can be used quickly in the event of a fire. Remember, even if you have a burning toaster or food that has caught fire in a microwave, the fire blanket can be used quickly and efficiently.

If you have a carbon dioxide extinguisher near the office area and within 10 meters of the kitchen, then this can count as cover for electrical equipment. Ten meters is the recommended maximum travel distance. If you only have a tea area with a kettle, then the fire hazards are no greater than having printers or computers. You do not have to provide any special provision for general premises.

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